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Turn your dry newsletter, or news release, into a dynamic and compelling digital newscast that can be distributed internally and externally, and better engage and build your audience.
Here’s an example:
News/Business Story and Interview
Telling the story of your business or organization, in a digital news format with accompanying interview, can help connect with consumers on an emotional level.
Here’s an example of an interview and accompanying story:

Business Commercials: Our goal in business is to help you and your business connect with consumers on an emotional level.We can help you grow your business by reaching new consumers with our unique “Business Commercials.”

We will write the script for you, using compelling talking points and selling points, to tell the story of your business.We provide the voice over for your commercial. A trained voice over talent can be very effective in helping to sell a product or service.

We also use images in the commercial to help tell the story of your business, and convey to consumers why your product or service is an amazing value, and a necessity.

Our commercials can be used for very-targeted marketing on Facebook and YouTube. You can also reach new consumers by using our unique content in email blasts, on your business website, and other marketing campaigns.

Business commercials are also great for building organic SEO because we post the commercial on YouTube for you – and Google owns YouTube – and Google Search seems to favor content on company-owned properties.

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